November 9, 2015 09:15 AM

TEC Introduce MegaPUI, Global Internet Shopping Mall That Using Local Language and Local Currency of Each Country Around Southeast Asia

Guarantee The Quality and The Delivery of The Products is Key to Ensuring Consumer Feel Comfortable and Safe When Shopping in MegaPUI

Osaka, Japan, November 9, 2015 – In this digital age when everything becomes simpler and easy, TEC believes it has encouraged more consumers to shop and browse products on the web, rather than to shop on physical stores. Based on that believe, TEC now expand to e­commerce business, MegaPUI, an online shopping mall website located in Osaka, Japan. MegaPUI products are all assorted to different categories from fashion, health & beauty, mobile & tablets, electronics, housewares, second hand and a lot more.

“We know our products. Here in MegaPUI, we deal and communicate with our suppliers and makers to uphold the information to share with our consumers. While other big online shopping websites are waiting for suppliers to join their website. We search and find the suppliers products based on our consumers needs, not only from Japan but from all around Asian countries like Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and many more. And we are very optimist that for the future not only Asian countries, but all around the world”, said Hideki Kochiyama, TEC and MegaPUI’s president and CEO. “To make sure our products are high quality, we tend to visit factories, meet with the owners and consult with them of how to improve their products and sell it on our website. MegaPUI staffs consist of international experienced and talented people who take up selling to a new level. We also have 24 hours chatting system. So, anytime consumer need us, we are ready to help.”

MegaPUI business is an honest to goodness business. MegaPUI certify and guarantee that all of the products are real. MegaPUI payment systems are available via Bank Wire, PayPal Bank Deposit, and Western Union. For shipping, sometimes consumers are worried that the products would not be safe, damage, or maybe stolen. MegaPUI really aware of that concerns, that is why MegaPUI have a guarantor system, and the guarantors are located all around Southeast Asia. MegaPUI can assure consumers products are safe and intact to consumer’s doorstep.

About TEC

TEC CO.,LTD., an e­trading company, was established on Yodogawa­ku, Osaka on December 1990. TEC’s business lines are Sales for Retail and Wholesale, Production of Websites, and Operation of E­commerce Sites. And TEC’s Chief Products are Computer Peripherals, Shatterproof Security Film, Titanium Accessories, and Variety Goods.

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