About Us

  MegaPui is an online store that provides consumer assorted wide variety of products. We provide utmost confidence since our company TEC Co. Ltd. has awarded and gained confidence to other companies in Japan. We started in 2014 for website development with our partners in the Philippines, Germany, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. This joint project made Megapui a success to this date.

  Started as a trading business we thought of riding the new wave of e-commerce and make our own e-dealing website. With challenges along the way, we hired different nationalities around South East Asia and formed a team known as “MegaPui Team plus”.  

  The website consists of different categories and wide range of brands that will make it convenient for you to purchase safe and easy. We are confident with our Guarantor Guarantee system; this system makes MegaPui unique to its Quality Control and delivery assurance to our customer.

  This e-trading business founded and patent by our president made a new way to guarantee products via shipping and product insurance.

  With the new product trend today, MegaPui can be accessible to your PC and smartphone. With our user-friendly front page, you can easily navigate thru our products as well as compare them to what you like. We give utmost confidence to our customers and see our products are 100% real.

  MegaPui has its own customer service help representative. From all your concerns we can provide customer satisfaction with our friendly international staffs.

  With trends and technology, MegaPui offers different assorted items from the domestic market in Japan to the world.

  To spread our love to the world we provided a 0.5% percentage for donation to those countries that are need of help. We the MegaPui team will always support to those who are in need.