Luculia Corsage GS-25C


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The corsage pin and the artificial flower pin are attached and it is attached to a stole, a bag, a hat, etc., of course as hair accessories, according to a coordination image, color, or a theme, it can be used broadly.

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Luculia Corsage

This product also has it's advantages: first, the cloth that is used with this item  is water absorbent so if the item will be wet it would be easy to dry . Second, its waterproof so if the item will be wet it won't be damaged that easy too. Third , this cloth has their really cute colors so its really suitable for fashion accessories.

All items are hand - made by the craftworkers. Each item is not completely identical and doesn't look 100% the same but its just comparable with each other items.

Model Number:GS-25C
Made fromJapan
ColorGreen, Lavender mix, Pink, Pink mix, Purple, Blue mix
Size9 x 9 cm
MaterialFabric petals
OtherPin and Clip 

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Luculia Rose Corsage L Size

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