Panasonic EH-2513P Pores Suction Spot Clear [FREE SHIPPING]


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  • Emits Nanoe -Remove pore impurities thoroughly
  • Continuous 8 hours emission-Ensure secure suction cap & steady operation
  • Moveable nozzle 0 to 40 degrees - Use in the shower for greater effectiveness
  • With suction power (50 kPa) to remove pore impurities thoroughly
  • Continuous mist spray to ensure secure suction cup and steady operation

More details

• Power system: Rechargeable (non-contact charging system)

• Charging time: about 12 hours

• Continuous use time: available about 4 times on a full charge (in the case of about 5 minutes use 1 times)

• Battery type: nickel-metal hydride battery

• Power: AC100 ~ 120V 50-60Hz

• Power consumption: 2W (when charging)

• Suction pressure: about 50kPa

• Body dimensions: height 17.8 × width 4.1 × depth 5.4cm

• Body mass (weight): about 150g ※ 1

• The length of the code: about 1m (charger)

• Country of origin: Made in Thailand

• Package Dimensions: height 25.5 × width 15.1 × depth 7.4cm

• Accessories: Cleaning needle combination brush

• Color: Pink and Green

※1: Charger is about 150g.


The voltage for this electronic device is 100V and made for Japan usage ONLY. In order for you to user this device outside Japan where the voltage is higher than 100V such as 200V-240V, you are required to use a transformer to adjust the voltage to your local country. Without using a transformer, this device will be broken.Please be advised that the supported language for this device as well as instruction manual is Japanese ONLY.

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