Luculia Kirakira Hair Elastic Band GS-8S


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Luculia Kirakira Hair Elastic Band has the two flower combination, it is designed with fashion sparkling crystal and fashion pearls. This elastic bands have this cute and sweet style. It is designed by a Japanese Designer with good quality materials.  

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This product also has it's advantages: first, the cloth that is used with this item is water absorbent so if the item will be wet it would be easy to dry . Second, its waterproof so if the item will be wet it won't be damaged that easy too. Third , this cloth has their really cute colors so its really suitable for fashion accessories. This is made from a non woven fabric cloth

All items are hand - made by the craftworkers. Each item is not completely identical and doesn't look 100% the same but its just comparable with each other items.

Model Number:GS-8S
Made fromJapan
ColorElastic Band : Black
SizeFlower: 5 x 3 cm
MaterialElastic band Fabric petals Crystal Pearls

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