TALL2HDMI-4K (Convert anything to HDMI from composite, component and VGA)


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Convert all display to 4K Ultra High Definition from composite, component, VGA and HDMI.

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Model number TALL2HDMI-4K JAN 4533239027402

Input terminal: Composite x1, component x1, VGAx1, HDMI x2,3.5mm audio jack x1, AV terminal (RCA) USBx2

Output terminal: HDMI × 1, COAXIALx1

Component input resolution: 1080p @ 50 / 60Hz, 1080i @ 50 / 60Hz, 720p @ 50 / 60Hz, 576i / p, 480i / p

Output resolution: 720P, 1080P, 4K (3840 × 2160) / 30Hz

Component sound input: RL (AV terminal)

Composite input: PAL, NTSC

Composite audio input: FR, FL (AV terminal)

VGA input: @60Hz 640X480, 800X600 @60Hz, 1024X768 @60Hz,
1280X1024 @60Hz, 1280X720 @60Hz, 1360X768 @60Hz,
1440X900 @60Hz, 1680X1050 @60Hz, 1920X1080 @60Hz

Power supply: AC adapter

VGA audio input: 3.5mm audio jack

HDMI1, HDMI2 input resolution: 1080p @ 50 / 60Hz, 1080i @ 50 / 60Hz, 720p @ 50 / 60Hz, 576i / p, 480i / p, 640x480 @ 60Hz, 800x600 @ 60Hz, 1024x768 @ 60Hz, 1280x1024 @ 60Hz, 1280x720 @ 60Hz, 1360x768 @ 60Hz, 1440x900 @ 60Hz, 1680x1050 @ 60Hz, 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, 4K (3840 × 2160) / 30HzHDMI
Body size 175 x 125 x 40mm (excluding protrusions)

Body weight: About 730g

USB media display function Video: MPEG, H.264, RM / RMVB still image:, JPEG, BMP, PNG voice: MPEG1 / 2, MP3

Accessories: AC adapter, remote control, instruction manual and warranty card

Warranty period: 1 year

Release date: 2015 October 22

Model Number:TALL2HDMI-4K
Warranty period12 months
JAN CODE:4533239027402

Good quality

I bought this product a weeks ago. This product is great I can now convert almost all of my displays to 4K.

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